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Roadside Spraying

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Roadside Spraying
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Roadside spraying generally begins at the end of April/early May each year. The Roadside Management crew will be spraying along the right-of way on county roads only. Spraying will not be done in front of residential property, unless contacted by owner.


No Spray Areas

Property owners shall destroy all noxious weeds and brush in front of residence and all other places designated by the property owners as a no spray area. Property owners wishing to participate in the No Mow or No Spray program should contact the IRVM Department. The IRVM Department requires two applications to participate in the No Spray/No Mow program:


The IRVM Department can also will assist with acquiring "No Spray" signs. The owner shall place a sign at the beginning of the no spray area and another sign at the end of the no spray area. Signs must be visible and able to read from the road and facing the direction of on-coming traffic.

"No Spray" signs can also be ordered from the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.

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Roadside Vegetation Office

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