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Water Testing

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Water Testing
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Schedule a Water Test

Contact the Environmental Health Specialist at 641-849-7372 or, preferably, request a water test here. Water testing is only available Monday through Wednesday, due to the time sensitivity of getting the water samples to the lab. 

Visiting the Property

Once an appointment is scheduled, the Sanitarian will visit your property and perform a free water test. No one need be present at the home if an outside water source is available. The test will be sent to a certified laboratory for analysis.


Water testing will include:

  • Coliform Bacteria
  • E. Coli Bacteria
  • Nitrates
  • Sulfates

Arsenic testing is also available free of charge, upon request.

Additional testing is also available and will be charged actual lab fees only. Please let the Environmental Health Specialist know if you would like additional water testing.

Test Results

Results will typically be returned in approximately one to two weeks, but this can change depending on lab processing times. Follow-up education materials are included with the results.

If your water test results come back with high levels of bacteria, it is best to contact a certified well contractor to shock chlorinate your well. If you decide to perform the shock chlorination yourself, please consult Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection: Disinfection of Home Wells and Springs (PDF). 

If your test results come back with high levels of Nitrate, please contact a certified well contractor to examine your well.

If Your Property Has Flooded

If your property or anywhere in the surrounding area has recently flooded and you have reason to believe you well may be contaminated,  cease use of your well water immediately  and contact the Environmental Health Specialist have your water tested.

The Iowa DNR provides further information in this Wells and Flooding (PDF). 

Team Member Jessica Sheridan -

Contact Us

Environmental Health Office

Physical Address

708 16th St.
Eldora IA 50627

Mailing Address

708 16th St., Eldora, IA 50627

Phone: 641-849-7372

Fax: 641-858-3182


Monday - Friday
08:00 AM - 04:30 PM



Jessica Sheridan

Environmental Health Specialist/Sanitarian


Phone : (641) 849-7372

*Please call ahead - Jessica is frequently out in the field and might not be in the office.

Listen to KIFG visit with Jessica Sheridan, Environmental Health Specialist/Sanitarian about and water testing and other services offered to Hardin County citizens.Listen Now

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