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Report Hunting Violation

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Report Hunting Violation
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If you would like to report a Wildlife Crime or Hunting Violation, please contact the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The DNR Conservation Officer assigned to Hardin County is:

  Nate Carr
  State Conservation Officer
  Hardin County
  1 (515)-238-2047

Conservation Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement Bureau has 90 conservation officers including six supervisors, six recreational safety officers, and 78 field officers. All are fully certified state peace officers with the authority to enforce all Iowa laws. As U.S. federal deputy game wardens, they also may cross state lines when violations of federal wildlife laws have been committed.

What Do Conservation Officers Do?

The primary responsibilities of officers are to:

  • Enforce laws related to hunting, trapping, fishing, navigation, commercial fishing, snowmobiling, and all-terrain vehicles.
  • Investigate incidents involving outdoor recreation.
  • Inspect game breeders, taxidermists, bait dealers, and other commercial users.
  • Educate adults and children through hunter education, outdoor skills workshops, and other courses.
  • Communicate with schools and community groups through public programs, and with the media through TV, newspaper, and radio shows.

Turn in Poachers (TIP)

The Iowa program, which is called TIP for Turn-In-Poachers, was started in August 1985. The private TIP organization was established by concerned sportsmen and women under the guidance of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Bureau. Both groups recognized the need for an added dimension to fish and game law enforcement in the State of Iowa to aid in the fight against poaching.

Submit a TIP: Call 1-800-532-2020 or submit your TIP online

More information about the Law Enforcement Bureau under the Iowa DNR can be found on the Iowa DNR Law Enforcement website.