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Comprehensive Plan

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Comprehensive Plan
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What is a Comprehensive Plan?

It's a vision and guide to help a community to plan for the future. This plan for Hardin County will incorporate smart planning by following the guidelines set forth in the Iowa Smart Plan legislation from the Rebuild Iowa Office.

Hardin County and the communities of Ackley, Eldora, and Iowa Falls approved their respective comprehensive plans in the fall of 2012. The final plans can be found by clicking on the links below. All documents are in PDF form. Any questions about the comprehensive plans should be directed to the appropriate city or county official listed below.

More Information

2012 Hardin County Comprehensive Plan (PDF)
2012 Comprehensive Plan Appendix Maps (PDF)
Hardin County Assessor’s Office
Phone: 641-939-8100

2012 Ackley Comprehensive Plan (PDF)
City of Ackley
Phone: 641-847-3332

2012 Eldora Comprehensive Plan (PDF)
City of Eldora
Phone: 641-939-2393

2012 Iowa Falls Comprehensive Plan (PDF)
City of Iowa Falls
Phone: 641-648-2527