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Requesting a 911 Address

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Requesting a 911 Address
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The GIS Office in the IT Department assigns all rural 911 addresses in Hardin County.

If you need an address within the corporate limits of towns in Hardin County, you will need to contact that town's city hall.

Requesting A New Address Sign

Please contact Jessica Sheridan at 641-939-8135 or by email to request a rural 911 address.

New construction must have an approved Driveway Permit from the Engineer’s Office before an address will be assigned. Call the Engineer's Office at 641-858-5058 to request a Driveway Permit.

Please have the property location information ready when contacting Hardin County GIS. This would include information such as:

  • Driveway location
  • Township and section location
  • Neighboring addresses
  • Street on which the driveway is located

After an address has been assigned, the sign materials will be ordered. Residents may put a temporary sign in place during this time.

When the sign has arrived, the landowner will be contacted to pick up the sign and pole materials. Landowners are required to install the blue rural 911 sign. Failure to install or replace a damaged address marker will result in penalties to the property owner.

Sign Location

Please adhere to the following location guidelines:

  • The 911 sign should be placed on the road right-of-way, along the fence row, and on the same side of the road as the house or building.
  • In no case shall the sign be closer than 15 feet from the edge of the road. Sign must be visible from both directions of travel.

Sign Installation

  • The property owner shall be responsible for the installation and maintenance of his or her own sign.
  • Every house or building site shall have a sign. If more than one house uses the same driveway, a sign shall be installed for each house. (Any apartment property owner shall be responsible to clearly mark each and every apartment with a separate number/letter at the entrance.)
  • All signs shall be bolted on a 6-foot steel post, which is driven 2 feet into the ground. The address marker, bolts, and steel post will be supplied by Hardin County.

Replacement Sign

If a property owner needs a replacement sign, please contact Jessica Sheridan at 641-939-8135 or by email. The property owner will be responsible for covering the cost of the sign replacement materials.

Replacement sign: $30

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