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Pioneer Cemetery Locations

Pioneer Cemetery Locations
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Pioneer cemeteries are located throughout Hardin County. View a map of all cemeteries in Hardin County, both current and Pioneer (PDF).

Please remember that many cemeteries are on private property. Please respect the rights of private landowners and request permission to enter.

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Driving Directions

BAHR CEMETERY: From Hwy 65, west on 180th St 3.4 mi. Bahr Cemetery sign on south side of road.

BOYLAN CEMETERY: From Eldora, west on Hwy 175, south of Co Hwy S33, east on 260th St 1 mi, north on L Ave to street marker 25651.

BUCKNER CEMETERY: From Eldora, east on Hwy 175 2 mi, north on X Ave 1 mi. Buckner is at the intersection of X Ave and 230th St.

CONCORD CEMETERY: From Co Hwy D65, north on E Ave approximately 2 mi. Cemetery on west side of road.

ELLSWORTH CEMETERY: From Eldora, south on Co Hwy S62 0.8 mi., east on 250th St 0.7 mi., north on V Ave 0.4 mi. (no sign here)

FRANCISCO-BETTS CEMETERY: From Gifford, south on Co Hwy D62, east on 290th St, north on X Ave 0.25 mi.

HADLEY CEMETERY: From New Providence, east on Co Hwy D55, south on Plumb Rd 1 mi., east on 300th St 0.7 mi.

IDAHO CEMETERY: From Hubbard, south on Hwy 65 3 mi., west on 305th ST 0.25 mi.

KIDWILER CEMETERY: From Owasa, east on Co Hwy D35, north on Q Ave, east on 170th St 0.25 mi.

LINCOLN CEMETERY: From Hwy 65, east on Co Hwy D41 0.25 mi.

OAKWOOD CEMETERY: From Owasa, east on Co Hwy D35, north on Q Ave, west on 170th St 0.25 mi.

PICKERING-HIGHLAND CEMETERY: From New Providence, west on 290th St 1.5 mi.

PLEASANT CHAPEL CEMETERY: From New Providence, north on Co Hwy S55, west on 270th St, north on PP Ave 0.4 mi.

WHITNEY CEMETERY: From Union, east on Co Hwy D54, south on Co Hwy D67 2 mi., north on Y Ave (Stagecoach Rd) 0.3 mi.