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Public Health Nuisances

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Public Health Nuisances
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Public health nuisances are enforced by the Hardin County Environmental Health Department. Some examples of public health nuisances include, but are not limited to:

  • Open dumping of garbage
  • Dilapidated buildings which may pose a public health risk
  • Human excreta disposed of in any other manner than provided in IAC, Chapter 69

Please contact the Environmental Health Department if you are concerned that something/someone may be posing a public health risk.

Bed Bugs

Neither in Hardin County, nor in the Code of Iowa are bed bugs considered a public health nuisance. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to determine the source of bed bugs, so it is almost impossible to enforce them as a nuisance.

If you are a renter and feel that your landlord or property management company is obligated to cover the cost of bed bug abatement, we suggest that you contact Iowa Legal Aid for advice.

This document from the Iowa Department of Public Health provides some useful information on bed bugs.


If you would like to report a public health nuisance, please fill out this form.