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Frequently Asked Questions

Reports Requests

No. If a case is currently under investigation, has gone to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution, or if the case involves a juvenile as being a suspect or arrested, the report will not be released and no information in the report will be given out.

Yes. The Sheriff's Office cannot arbitrarily run scans to find out case numbers or to determine if a person was involved in an incident, but if you have a person's name and know his or her date of birth, we will try to help you retrieve the information you are seeking.

Yes. You need to appear in person at the Sheriff’s Office with your Iowa driver’s license and obtain a copy of your Iowa driving record for a fee of $12.

The Sheriff's Office is located at 1116 14th Ave in Eldora, Iowa.

If the Administration Office is closed, the Communications Office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will be able to assist you.

No. Having a case number is preferred, but if you know the time, location, and nature of the incident, the Sheriff's Office can look it up for you.