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Frequently Asked Questions

Arranging Jail Time

You will need to contact your lawyer or make a request to the judge in order to get an extension or to change the parameters of the order.

Work release privileges must be approved and ordered by the court in order for you to enroll in the work release program.

No. You can serve your time when it best suits you and your schedule as long as it is in the time frame ordered by the court.

Room and Board fees are set at $50 per day or any portion of a day thereof. A day is any 24 hour period.

No. If the order states you must serve 7 days and there is no approval for 48 hour increments or work release privilege, you must serve your full 7 days all at once.

A warrant will be issued for your arrest for fail to serve jail time.

When you are arrested on said warrant, you must serve you time in full of no options for bond, 48-hour increments or work release.