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Drainage District Projects

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Drainage District Projects
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Request & Complaint Submissions

Requests for repairs, complaints, problems or questions should be directed to Drainage Clerk in the Auditor’s Office, by calling 641-939-8111 or by email.

View the Drainage Work Order Request Form (PDF)

For More Information

For more information on drainage district projects or to view online maps of the districts, visit the Drainage District Search website (Beacon). Be sure to select the 'Drainage Tiles' and 'Drainage Districts' check boxes on the left under Layers.

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Can the construction company be on my property?

The Code of Iowa (Section 468.27) states that following a drainage district establishment, the district is deemed to have acquired by permanent easement all right-of-way for drainage district ditches, tile lines, settling basins and other improvements. The district secures authority to go onto private land to construct these facilities and to maintain them. This easement area is typically 50 to 100 feet wide. Iowa Code Section 468.27

Can I be reimbursed for property damages caused by construction?

Only damages sustained outside the right-of-way area are entitled to reimbursement of damages. These damages are established at a project completion hearing after the work is complete. Any damages will be paid by the district funds.

Current Projects

Click on the tab below for information about each drainage district.