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Public Health Nuisance Complaint

  1. Please provide a description of the public health nuisance.
  2. Please provide the address of the nuisance location, if possible. If you do not know the address, please provide a detailed description of its location.
  3. If you know the property owner's name, please provide it.
  4. Has the nuisance caused any physical harm that you are aware of? Has it affected your quality of life? What are your concerns?
  5. What is the approximate date that you first noticed the nuisance?
  6. What do you think is a reasonable date for the nuisance to be abated by? (Please note that this is only a suggestion, and the property owner may be given more or less time to abate the nuisance.)
  7. If you have any pictures of the nuisance, please upload them here.
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