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Sac and Fox Overlook Area and Shelter Registration Form

  1. Registration Form For Use of Sac and Fox Overlook Area and Shelter
    We are pleased that you wish to use the Sac and Fox Area for your event. The use of this area is a privilege and intended to promote Hardin County Conservation’s natural habitat and the scenic view. Please treat it with care so that others can continue to use it.

    Due to the heavy requests that have been received, it has become necessary to establish a few rules. The following rules have been adopted by the Hardin County Conservation Board:

    1. You will need to sign this registration form.
    2. If picnic tables need to be placed outside of the shelter, please return them to the inside of the shelter.
    3. Please take your garbage with you.
    4. All decorations or other equipment need to be taken with you.
    5. We ask that no more than 4 hours of use of the area be done by one party.
    6. Will you need to move the tables out of the shelter area?
    7. There is no electricity or running water at site, restroom is available.

    Thank you for your understanding with this new form. We appreciate your commitment to the conservation and enjoy the scenic view.

    Hardin County Conservation

    The Park closes at 10:30 p.m.

    Donations are appreciated.
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    I have the read the above and understand my responsibilities.

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