What is a rollback?
The rollback rate is a statewide rate set annually for each property class by the Iowa Department of Revenue. More than 20 years ago, residential property values were rising quickly. To help cushion the impact of the high inflation, the Legislature passed an assessment limitation law called “Rollback.” Increases in assessed values for residential and agricultural property are subject to this assessment limitation formula. If the statewide increases in values of homes and farms exceeds 4% due to revaluation, their values are “rolled back” so that the total increase statewide is 4%.

Rollback is also available for commercial and industrial property when necessary. This does not mean that the assessment on your home will increase by only 4%. The rollback is applied on a class of property, not an individual property. This means that the statewide total taxable value can increase only 4% due to revaluation.

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