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Closed Roads & Embargoed Bridges

Closed Roads & Embargoed Bridges
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Closed Bridges

  • 295th Street Bridge between M Avenue and 290th Street, Section 7 Providence Township
  • 335th Street Bridge between T Avenue and U Avenue, Section 31 Union Township
  • T Avenue Bridge between County Highway D65 and 325th Street, Section 30 Union Township

Closed or Embargoed Roads

  • County Highway D65 between Zublin Avenue and U.S. Highway 65

View Closures & Detour Map

View Embargoed Bridges

Consult the Map of Embargoed Bridges when completing a One Stop Permit (PDF).

Importance of Embargoes

Why pay attention to embargoes? To avoid an accident such as the Audubon County Bridge Incident (PDF) from happening in Hardin County.