Wednesday, April 15, 2020 9:30 AM 
Large Conference Room
County Buildings are closed to the public due to Covid-19 concerns, this meeting will be open to the public via conference call only. The meeting date and time will remain the same. You may call at that time to access the hearing by following the instructions below:
To access the meeting call: 1-(312)-626-6799, when prompted enter meeting
ID code: 662 016 552
You can also access the meeting online at:

DD 25 Landowners have been invited to participate in a discussion of DD 25 Lateral 3 Outlet, at the top of this week's Regular Drainage Meeting Agenda.
This meeting follows the 9:00 AM Board of Supervisors meeting, should the 9:00 AM BOS meeting run long, please wait patiently on the line and we will open the Regular Drainage Meeting as soon as possible.


Open Meeting


Approve Agenda


DD 25 - WO 01- Discuss w Possible Action - Landowner Input

DD 25 Lateral 3 Outlet -Landowners have been invited to participate in the discussion about proposed changes to the DD  25 Lateral 3 Outlet tile route. Feedback to the Trustees is encouraged. 

DD 102 - Discuss W Possible Action - Wetland Project #HAR862018C Rock Alternative Bid Feedback


DD 26 Lat 4 WO 28 - Discuss w Possible Action - Revisit of WO 28 Repair Summary

DD 26 Lat 4 WO 28 - Calendar reminder set to revisit WO 28 Repair Summary on landowner concerns. 

Other Business


Adjourn Meeting