DD 3 Partial Main Tile Replacement Bid Letting
 Monday, March 07, 2022 @ 10:00 AM
 Large Conference Room
 Bids for DD 3 Project may be sent in by mail or dropped off with the Security Guard at the Main Entrance of the Hardin County Courthouse, and will be stamped by the Drainage Clerk with the date they are received, as they come in.
Bids will still be received by the Drainage Clerk, see Notice to Bidders for more details. You can call the Drainage Clerk at 641-939-8111 with any questions. 

This meeting will be held electronically and in-person due to Covid-19 concerns.

To access the meeting call: 1-(312)-626-6799, when prompted enter meeting
 ID code:
 820 7567 2007 

You can also access the meeting online at:



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