Driveway Permit

Persons wanting to create a new driveway or widen an existing driveway along a Hardin County road must submit a Driveway Permit Application (PDF) to the Hardin County Engineer's Office. Tenants, please be sure to obtain your landlord's signature on your Driveway Application. The proposed site will be inspected by the maintenance superintendent. Specifications for driveway construction are available on the application.

Please note: If a contractor other than the County will be constructing your driveway or driveway extension, please also complete and submit a Work in the Right-of-Way Application.

Application & Permit Submission

All applications and permits can be faxed to the Engineer's Office at 641-858-3182 or emailed to Lori Kohart.. They may also be mailed to:

Hardin County Engineer's Office
708 16th Street
Eldora, IA 50627

Questions & Concerns

Please contact the Engineer's Office at 641-858-5058 with any questions or concerns about permits and applications.