County Attorney

The Hardin County Attorney's Office is staffed by the county attorney, an assistant county attorney, and support personnel. The County Attorney's Office serves in civil matters as legal counsel for the Hardin County Board of Supervisors and all county officers and agencies. The County Attorney's Office also serves in criminal matters as chief prosecutor for the State of Iowa in Hardin County.


Duties of the Hardin County Attorney's Office include:
  • Prosecutes all indictable crimes such as murder, theft, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, sexual abuse, assault, arson, operating while intoxicated, and many others.
  • Prosecutes non-indictable offenses such as traffic violations, simple assaults, and thefts.
  • Represents the State of Iowa in juvenile court including delinquency proceedings and children in need of assistance actions.
  • Represents Hardin County in civil legal matters such as lawsuits and workers compensation claims.
  • Counsels and advises the elected officials and departments.
  • Advises all law enforcement agencies within Hardin County twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and provides legal training to law enforcement and other agencies.
We take pride in representing the people of Hardin County in a professional and competent manner.