Conference Board

The Hardin County Conference Board serves as the governing board for the office of the County Assessor. The Conference Board has the responsibility of appointing members of the Examining Board, members of the Board of Review, and the Assessor. 

The Conference Board is charged with:
  • Establishing and adopting an annual budget for the assessor.
  • Approving the position of deputy assessor and the number of deputy assessors.
  • Reappointing the assessor and employ appraisers and other technical help.
The Assessor is appointed by the Conference Board to a six-year term.

Conference Board Membership

The Conference Board consists of:
  • Mayors of all incorporated cities whose property is assessed by the County Assessor.
  • One representative from the Board of Directors of each high school district who is a resident of the county.
  • Members of the County Board of Supervisors.
Each unit has one vote and two of the three units have to agree in order to pass a vote on any related matter. The chairperson of the Board of Supervisors shall act as the chairperson of the County Conference Board and the County Assessor as clerk.


Board of Supervisors

  • Lance Granzow, Chairman
  • BJ Hoffman, Member
  • Reneé McClellan, Member


  • Erik Graham – Ackley
  • Jeff Fiscus – Alden
  • Bill Hittle – Buckeye
  • David w. Dunn – Eldora
  • Marshall Simmerman – Hubbard
  • Gene Newgaard – Iowa Falls
  • Ron D. Reece – New Providence
  • James Nehring – Owasa
  • Taylor Roll – Radcliffe
  • Marvin Veld – Steamboat Rock
  • Cynthia Knight – Union
  • Jim Meyer – Whitten

School Board Members

  • Anthony Sillman – Ackley
  • Kyle Janes – Alden
  • Nancy Callaway – Eldora-New Providence
  • Keith England – Hubbard-Radcliffe
  • David Moore – Iowa Falls