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  1. Emergency Management Coordinator Employment Application

    Employment application used for job openings with Hardin County.

  2. IRVM Employment Application

    Employment application used for IRVM job openings with Hardin County.

  1. IRVM Authorization to Release Motor Vehicle Records

    This release form is required for job applicants applying for jobs that require driving Hardin County vehicles and equipment.

Environmental Health

  1. Public Health Nuisance Complaint

    Please submit this form if you believe something/someone is posing a public health risk.


  1. Application “Adopt-a-Roadside”

    Fill out this application to sponsor a county roadside project.

  1. Roadside Maintenance Agreement Request


  1. Crime Tip

    If you have information that is not happening now but is an ongoing problem in your neighborhood, community, or school, you can... More…


  1. Application for Appointment to Boards, Commissions & Committees

    This form assists the Board of Supervisors in evaluating the qualifications of applicants for appointment to a board, commission, or... More…

  2. Fireworks Permit Application
  1. Application for Use of Hardin County Courthouse Grounds

    Entities interested in using the public square grounds around the Courthouse must fill out this application and receive approval from... More…


  1. Application for Building Permit

    A Building Permit is required for construction outside the corporate limits in Hardin County. Once an application has been complete,... More…

  2. Floodplain Development Permit Application
  1. Application for Special Permit